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World of My Own

Words and music: Marq Schuler

Get right out of my face, this ride ain't for free

I've burned too many bridges for this luxury

I bet your suffering from some jealousy

of my world of self-discovery


          And I'm beside myself when I'm here all alone

          I'm pretty close to heaven in a world of my own


Dance like I'm cool, like a fool in front of the glass

Put some Bee Gee's on and start moving my ass

My friends are worried that I have some social disease

They may be right, but at least I got no one to please


In a one man show, I don' t need to act for any-

one man show, my social days are done.. done!


I'll let you in for a small, small entrance fee

Just don't call me neurotic, call me liberty


          I'm all alone, in a world of my own...

End of the line...

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