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This Captivity

Words and music: Marq Schuler

Dear Bil,

          I have great news today. Sit down for this 'cause you won't believe your ears. I've been abducted by a group of luscious babes who need to use and abuse me a couple years. So don't rescue me, I'm having fun. And don't let me out, I'll crawl back in some way.

          My room is dark the walls are grey. But with the blindfold off, it's actually quite nice. It's a tri-level mansion that backs up to a bay, a huge backyard and a swimming pool that's Olympic size. So don't rescue me, I'm having fun living in captivity. Don't let me out, I'll crawl back in some way. Don't let me go until their done having their way with me - no reinforcements, FBI or CIA.

          They serve three gourmet meals a day. And they treat me with respect and dignity. We play horseshoes, lawn-darts, ping-pong and croquet. And I'm adjusting well to this adversity.

          I want to stay. Don't let me out from this captivity.



End of the line...

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