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She Cop

Words and music: Marq Schuler

She Cop, she didn't know me

She wrote me up for breaking her entering

She had to nail me

She did her job and then she bailed me out


          I know I'll get to see her one last time

          One day in court with her will be just fine with me


She Cop, don't drink coffee

It gives her gas but she's no softie

She'd stop a riot

But when she's off, she's a warm and quiet girl


          You'll find her at a donut shop nowhere

          She'll be sipping tea at the Baker's Square


          Just a misdemeanor, five and dime

          Judge and juror say I'll be doing hard time

          A woman like her is hard to find

          Lock me up if loving her is crime


She Cop, my blue lady

She reminds me of Marsha Brady

I'm gonna miss her

On her beat while I'm up river, gone.

End of the line...

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